The tapping partners

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Partenocraft Beer Craft Distribution by Fabio and Flavio, both passionate about quality beer and with the clear intention of spreading the culture of "good drinking" in two territories with diametrically opposite receptivity: Lazio and Campania.

Partenocraft has been our loyal customer for years; we have therefore decided to consolidate the cooperation by planning several activities, starting from this autumn. Partenocraft, beside being a distributor of over 30 quality beer brands, is the sole distributor across the entire national territory of the brewery Bonavena Brewing, a reality that quickly became established thanks to the experience and know-how provided by Mario (a historic brewery in Campania) and by the head of production, research and development for Bonavena, Vincenzo "Thiell" Follino, nutritionist and expert in brewing technology and microbiology, as well as president of the Southern Homebrewers beer association and teacher/ beer writer for the Fermento Birra courses and magazine.

Innovation, unscrupulousness, a touch of madness but also constant attention to the quality of its products make Bonavena Brewing the absolute champion on the ring.