Motor CWP200 Mobil Green Line - 2 ways


CWP 200 Mobil Green Line 2 ways cooling engine with font, coils, quick couplings and agitator with recirculation.

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The CWP Green Line series motors are distinguished from traditional cooling motors not only for the quality of design and processing, but also for the completely innovative arrangement of the cooling unit.


They represent a real innovation in this category of beverage coolers because the modern motor unit uses the power for direct transfer to cooling. This guarantees minimum use of energy, thus being 45% more efficient than the power input.


Within only 8-10 minutes after it has been switched on, the engine can deliver chilled drinks and its temperature can be controlled instantly and continuously using the temperature regulator.


The CWP motors are equipped with an agitator with recirculation pump, coils and quick couplings suitable to ensure perfect cooling of the drinks up to the tap.


The modern layout of the cooling technology ensures simple operation and reduces the time required for maintenance and overhaul.


The GREEN LINE engine series is not only environmentally friendly thanks to the use of the ecological R-290 refrigerant, but it also has a 20% higher cooling power and 20% lower electricity consumption as a result of the implementation of an energy saving system.


The cooler is also built with completely recyclable materials and without polyurethane insulation.


The materials used meet the highest requirements for hygiene standards and guarantee a long life of this cooling device.


  • Performance: 200 lt/h
  • Cooling compressor: 3/4 hp
  • Supply routes: 2
  • Coil length 2x20mt
  • Size: 47x33 h49
  • Weight: 53kg

Motore CWP200 Mobil Green Line - 2 vie


Data sheet

200 l/h
Cooling power of the compressor
3/4 Hp
Delivery routes
47x33 h49
53 kg
W 1035

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