Beer cooler 1 way LUXURY



Dispenser with manual system, specially designed for restaurants, pubs and bars, but also for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a good draught beer at home or elsewhere. Ideal for 3L and 5L kegs. Built with high quality materials, it has a compact structure and is very easy to use. Equipped with a self-service tap, it allows beer lovers to enjoy an innovative and fun experience, in just three steps you can drink your beer on tap.

  • Sophisticated design
  • Small and easy to position
  • Easy installation
  • Installation is done in 3 simple steps
  • Compatibility
  • System compatible with most major international beer brands
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MiniKeg your tapped beer always at hand

How does it work?
The beer is contained in a bag saturated with beer and Co2, under vacuum, the air applies pressure on the bag allowing the liquid to escape once the tap of the MiniKeg tap is opened.
The MiniKeg tap is the essential tool for the use of MiniKeg kegs. It is equipped with a tap, a manual pump that accumulates air (and pressure) in the bag and a connection for attaching MiniKeg kegs.
The shelf life is very high, the beer is always protected from light, oxygen and bacteria.
The formats are small and compact, 3 or 5 litres! Fill all types of beer, use it as a trial size for your customers.
Unlike other tapping systems, the MiniKeg is professional and is used in the best Beer Bars.


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