Over counter AS 160 Green Line beer cooler - 4 ways


Over counter AS 160 Green Line beer cooler 4 ways for beverage cooling even at high room temperature.

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The AS series of coolers are the top of the line among professional coolers with their performance and modern technology.
With a cooling capacity of 160 litres, i.e. 320 quality chilled beers per hour, the tap is a professional beer chiller designed for dispensing quality chilled beverages in commercial use.
The equipment has reinforced insulation to 45mm including the top cover. This equipment can operate up to 45°C ambient temperature, so it is designed for extreme tropical conditions.
GREEN LINE technology is environmentally friendly due to the use of environmentally friendly R-290 refrigerant. During production, we carry out systemic energy saving.
Stainless steel cooling loops on the side wall of the cooler and fitted with quick couplers allow easy connection of the beverage line. The cooling loops are immersed in a water bath.
The chillers are equipped with taps with compensator for beer flow control.
A stirrer with pump ensures a uniform temperature throughout the water bath and aftercooling of the beverage up to the tap.
The model is equipped with a drain valve that allows easy draining of the water from the unit and a watermark to see the level.
A perfectly chilled beverage is ready after 90-120 minutes from switching on the machine.
The modern layout of the cooling technology guarantees simplicity and accessibility of service interventions and ease of maintenance.
The 2pcs handles located on the sides of the cooler allow for easier handling. 
Standard delivery includes: 
- tapping device
- 4x tapping tap
- tap wrench
- drip tray
- operating instructions


Data sheet

Cooling power of the compressor
3/4 Hp
1550 (W)
Air compressor
Number of taps
48 kg.
Maximum cooling capacity to 0°C a 45°C (L/H)
Continous cooling performance
(L/H): 110
Thermal gradient
Number of cooled beverages
Length of cooling coils
2x19 - 2x14 m.
Diameter of cooling coil
7x8 mm.
Refrigerant type
220/240V 50HZ~1
Beverage connection
speedfit fittings: 9,5mm (3/8")
CO2 connection
speedfit fittings: 8mm (5/16")
Ice Bank

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